Mountain View

With the journey to personal freedom comes a new sense of self, an awareness that births new dreams, and bigger horizons, not all at once, but little by little. It’s like walking out of a dark room into the the sunlight, it takes time to adjust to the intense light.  It takes time to trust in Love and take the journey, and comprehend the greatness before your eyes.  It’s like climbing up a hill; the closer to the top you… Read more »

Apple 2

  So, I guess my valiant effort to stay on top of the contents of my children’s backpacks lasted three weeks. Yesterday morning was a slow going morning.  We were trying to get ourselves moving for the week, and as we I was shuffling the kids out the door before the tardy bell, forcing me to walk my children into the school wearing my pajamas, I noticed Hunter’s crumpled take home folder hanging out of her backpack still loaded down… Read more »

September_14-0132 BLOG

Last week, my good friend, Charis from Charis Rowland Photography, and I took some time out to focus on thinking outside the box when it comes to our photography. We both focus on wedding photography, but for me things are changing. After eight years, I no longer desire to pursue the wedding industry, but I’m not ready to give up photography all together, so I’m exploring other options, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and opening myself up to see… Read more »


{This original post was May 2, 2014} As a new mother I had an overwhelming fear to leave my tiny babies in the care of others. Even my own parents didn’t make the cut. The worst case scenario would plague my mind and how could I ever live with myself if I wasn’t there to protect them from the evil unknown?! One day with terror in my heart I watched my dad lift baby Porter into his carseat and wave good-bye…. Read more »


I was nominated for the Liebster Award not once, not twice, but THREE times. First, by Being Royalty, then my sister at Happy Primpin’, and finally, Jessica at Meet the Magnolias. I wasn’t exactly sure what the award was about, but after Googling it I discovered it’s a way for new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers get to know each other.   The way the Liebster award works is you list 11 things about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by… Read more »

dark but lovely-0811

It’s September’s “Dark, but Lovely” free computer and phone wallpaper!  (You can still get August’s “Taste and See” wallpaper) I hesitated creating this wallpaper, because it requires a lengthy explanation to build it’s foundation, but I don’t care, I’m going to share this wallpaper and it’s lengthy meaning.  It’s not a new concept around my blog.  In fact, I’ve said it over and over and will continue to find new ways to say this very thing.  Why? Because I believe… Read more »