We were spending some time at my in-laws, and most of the day we padded around in our socks, and raided their pantry.  You know, the normal things you do when you visit mom and dad.  This wasn’t the first time we had spent our day over there, and honestly, it was pretty typical of our time there.  On his way back to his recliner from one of his raids, Matt said in passing, “You know, I love being at… Read more »


  All I want is to stay close.  I pull his tiny body close to mine and I smell his sweet breath, but I don’t mind.  His tiny hands are soft on my cheeks and my heart swells in my chest. “I wuv you, mommy”.  Our foreheads meet and our eyes go cross.  We crumple on the couch with tickles and giggles.  This is what I was meant to do, to be.  I didn’t know I could love someone this much…. Read more »

I Choose You Banner

  I hear Love speak his desire for us everywhere, and the latest and my favorite is Sara Bareilles’s, I Choose You.  As you listen to this song, be flooded with His desire to become yours and you to become His. Hear Him say, “I choose YOU, just the way your are”.     Let Him in, let his whole heart be yours, and watch your life become a lifelong love letter.  As long as it takes He will prove His… Read more »


  Dearest Toddler Mommy, I see you chasing your wild little person.  I see you picking up your newborn in her pumpkin seat, then before her older brother is out of reach you lurch after him and grab his shirt to stop him in his tracks.  Your arm is numb under the 40 pounds of infant seat and you’re power walking to keep your little man in your possession. You’ve forgotten what anything except jeans and a t-shirt feels like, and… Read more »