On a whim, on October 1, I made a commitment to join the Write 31 Days challenge hosted by The Nester. It’s a challenge where bloggers write on a single topic for the 31 days of October. I’m not someone who likes these kinds of things, because to be honest, I like to quit stuff. I’ve always been when of those people when the going gets tough, I quit, but when you walk through a fire, like seeing your marriage… Read more »


We’re on this amazing journey called life. There’s no way to stop the journey, except for death, and even then, I believe it to be just another step in the journey. We cannot go backwards to a place we’ve already been, and we cannot speed forward to the place unknown. The only thing we are promised on this journey is this moment. The only thing we’ve been guaranteed is this sliver in the time continuum. I’ll refrain from running my fingernails down… Read more »

Show Me Your Face

His fingers trembled as he molded the clay. He was surrounded by a vast array of his own art pieces, but this time the artist worked slow and with pupose as he formed his new creation lying before him. His heart began to beat faster as his piece took form. He smiled as he chiseled in perfect details, and wrapped more perfect layers upon perfect layers. Once finished, he stepped back to admire the completion of his work; the finest of all… Read more »

Letter to Child

I wrote the following letter to be read by my children the day they launch out into the world on their own.  It’s hard to believe that’s only ten years away. Dearest Children of Mine, Today, as you read this letter, you’re preparing to move out of our home. I’m sure you’re giddy as you load your boxes into the trunk of our car, and I’m sure your dad and I are nervous as we check to make sure your doors lock properly…. Read more »


The digital bells rang out, calling us to a new morning. Their ringing was in surround sound, because we both have our phones set to go off at the same time. I fumbled around trying to tap my snooze screen without opening my eyes. Neither one of us were quite ready to peel ourselves off our queen size angel’s wings, but after a few more snooze taps we stumbled into our morning, with little words or eye contact. It’s on one of… Read more »


The dance of life; always moving, always changing. There’s a time to give, a time to take. A step to the left, a turn to the right, a movement back and then a rush forward. The rhythm tells a story, the dance tells our story. Sometimes we twist and turn trusting the steps of a partner, other times we move to the music alone, an individual creating beauty in a solo journey, and still other times we dance in the group,… Read more »