Why I Stopped Praying @charitylcraig #prayer #God #faith

Pray. Pray. PRAY! If you’re a Christian, prayer is the foundation of your faith. It’s how we talk to God, it’s one of the most important things we can do, except I hate praying. I always have. Don’t get me wrong, I want to love praying, I want to enjoy talking to God, but most of the time I feel like I have a better relationship with my popcorn ceiling than I do with the Almighty. “One week without prayer… Read more »

What is my purpose? Chai with Charity #8 with @charitylcraig

We all have this burning desire to know the answer to life’s big question — What is my purpose? God, why did you put me here on this earth? We spend most of our life seeking out the answer, and this week I talk about how I believe we can know the answer to that question. Yes, how ALL of us can know this answer. Let me know what you think. What are your thoughts on it? And don’t forget to share… Read more »

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We’re all doing the best we can. We’re all being the best #GoodEnoughMom or #GoodEnoughDad that we know how to be. And that, my friends, is all that matters. Hugs to you for being the best parent for your children. And, yes, this commercial choked me up.


I’m so glad Jesus saved me from the darkness. I close my closet door and lock the darkness inside, never to let the demon out. He no longer controls me. I’m on a new journey with Jesus, and we get right to work cleaning house. With a trembling voice, I apologize for my locked door and the demon inside. I’ve heard this is the demon who will separate Jesus and me. I double check that the door is locked and I join a… Read more »

Marriage Booklist

When a marriage slams against the rocky shore of crisis, our ship is smashed to bits and we feel like we’re drowning the the chaotic sea, so today I share some great reads for marriages in crisis. Plus, one just for yourself by Brené Brown. If you love to read self-help or if you just need to know what to do to save your marriage, these are great resources for you or for someone you may know that could use… Read more »


Last week, I took lunch up to school for each of my kids. I have three kids in school, so each lunchtime I squeezed in the table and made my acquaintance with all the mini people staring me down. After getting peppered with an array of questions, they realized this foreigner wasn’t a threat, the table relaxed into it’s natural state, with periodic smiles and sideway glances, I was immersed into a childhood world.   It was the boy’s second grade table… Read more »

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Most of us get married with a pure heart. Our hearts are full of love, hope and dreams. We set off on the journey with our one true love, but for so many of us, instead of walking off into the sunset, we find ourselves walking straight into hell or at least that’s what we think at the time, and instead of love, it all seems to be one big mistake. We weigh our options, and our bleeding heart decides… Read more »

Abundant Life Computer

You only thought I forgot about this month’s free computer & phone wallpaper. Well, I haven’t, it’s just been a slow-go getting back in the swing of things after the holiday. Feel free to download any of the previous wallpapers here. This month’s theme is Abundant Life. I have come that you may have abundant life. -Jesus I’m not sure where we’ve come to believe that we are meant to live a “barely get by” life. Maybe it has something… Read more »

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We’ve all been given another gift. 2015 arrived right on time, and whether we mean to or not, we embrace the new year with hope of change. Even if we’ve failed every previous year on making the changes we desire, we embrace the new year like a brand new teddy bear. This year will be different. We’re going to take care of this year, and treat it different. We make a list of all the things we’re going to change, we create… Read more »