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It’s one more Chai with Charity! I’m actually putting my video series on hold for the time being, so I can focus on the next chapter with The Wounded Dove. I’ve decided to write a book. Even though some people seem to be able to spit out books like it ain’t no thang, but for me it’s a big deal, and it’s taking up all my brain capacities, so I’m taking time off this video series. This is a link… Read more »

Change Your LIfe with Faith and Works @charitylcraig

“Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:17) As a Christian, this verse has always left me a bit squirmy in my seat, I mean, we have Grace, the free gift of eternal life from God. We don’t have to do anything to earn a clean slate. We just receive it. So, to read the word works in the New Testament, sort of sends Christians into this paradox of, if we don’t need to work for the gift, then why is our faith dead if we don’t… Read more »

We Are Human @charitylcraig

We are human. We can feel. We can see. We can touch. We can laugh. We can love. We are these amazing creatures of self-awareness, and yet we cut each other down, we cut ourselves down. We slash ourselves to nothing. We reject ourselves and we reject others all because we feel like we’re not good enough. I don’t know why we feel this way. We have these amazing bodies that do amazing things, and amazing minds that do amazing things. Yet, we… Read more »


I’ve made it clear that I hate to cook, but there are a few things I can whip up that don’t require much work, and I nail it like nobody’s business. I call them #GoodEnoughMom recipes. Homemade kales chips are one of those things. They also happen to be my kid’s favorite snack. Weird, I know. They squeal and dance around, kind of how I used to squeal and dance around when my mom brought home chocolate cake. Even Christian, my… Read more »

You Are Loved No Matter What by Holley Gerth @holleygerth

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. One of the longings of every human heart is to be intimately loved without shame. It’s in our DNA; we’re wired this way, but somehow through our broken human relationships, we’ve received the message that our human heart lacks what it needs to receive such a perfect love. We believe the lie that we’re not good enough, worthy enough of intimate love…. Read more »

Is This God's Will?

We want a better life. We all do. We long for a life we enjoy and love, and want to believe God wants this for us, too. We have faith and hold on, but then things don’t happen like we hope. We live in a financial disaster. Our bodies are overwhelmed with sickness. God said he’d meet all our needs, but we began to think, “Maybe, a better life isn’t God’s will.” We began to feel guilty for our desire to… Read more »


This month I welcome another voice, another wounded dove. Cristina shares her wounded childhood inflicted on her from the one person who should have loved her and cherished her — her mother. Yet, today Cristina speaks of a Love that transcends the scars of abuse. Her words are soaked with pain, yet supernatural healing. Cristina’s faith in God has created a safety net to allow herself to visit that painful part of her childhood. Let her words bring your wounded heart with peace. As a mother,… Read more »

hello today

Yesterday, I went to the viewing of a woman who died of cancer at age 65. Ten years ago her family was an important family in my life, and even today, they’re all still one of my favorite families. It’s interesting how death reminds us of life. It spurs our minds to reevaluate. Death yanks our hearts to a screeching halt, and it forces us to peer into a darkness we don’t understand. That darkness causes us refocus on the bigger picture of life…. Read more »

Doing it for me

In less than a month, I will celebrate two years of me sharing my messy life with the world. I know when I first started writing about the shameful things of my journey — our journey, people must’ve thought I had plumb lost my mind. I’m sure as I opened up the windows of my heart and welcomed everyone to come peer into the darkness, the void, and the brokenness, I made people squirm. Why would she want people to know these terrible things? How could… Read more »