Disney's Inside Out Isn't Just for Kids @charitylcraig

Last week we watched Disney’s new movie, Inside Out…illegally, because that’s how we roll. When you have four children, going to the movies is the equivalent to purchasing a Shetland pony, even stuffing your own popcorn bags in your purse doesn’t seem to ease the bloodshed. So, I’d like to thank the Spanish speaking pirates who took the time to overdub the Spanish version back into English, and I am in no way criticizing your lack of ability to match the voices… Read more »

Building Bridges Podcast @faithfulsocial @jennaguizar

I’m super nervous. Today my interview (first one ever!) with Building Bridges Podcast goes live. When I told Matt I was nervous, he said, “Why? You did an awesome job.” He’s my biggest fan, and I’m so thankful he’s been just as brave to let me share our broken love story with the world. I guess there’s a difference between writing your story, and hearing your own voice speak it, so sharing it makes me nervous, but I can’t think of a… Read more »

Fight For Love @charitylcraig

Several weeks ago, my longtime friend of like 20 years (No, that wasn’t the day we were born) looked across the table and asked me point blank, “Do you think I made the wrong decision to divorce my husband?” She and I have very similar wounded and broken stories, and we are both on this beautiful journey to healing and personal freedom, but unfortunately, her marriage ended very differently than mine. I immediately responded, “No, I don’t think you made the wrong… Read more »

Why God Says "Be Holy" @charitylcraig

“Be holy, for I am holy!” We hear the Almighty’s voice thunder through the room. His body leaning over the table, and with every word his powerful fist pounds the table. “BE. YE. HOLY.” We shrink back in our seats, tears spring up in our eyes, and with a shaky voice, we whisper, “I’m trying.” Sure, we know about Jesus and the grace his death provided, but that doesn’t “let us off the hook“. Grace isn’t some “free pass ticket… Read more »

Anamaye Shares Her Story @charitylcraig

Several weeks ago, I received a phone call from an old acquaintance for twenty years ago. (I know you can’t believe we’re that old. You’re probably like, “Charity! You must’ve met her in the hospital nursery!” Yeah, not quite.) As Anamaye began to share her journey of the past few years with me, my heart immediately connected with her, and I asked her if she’d be willing to share her story on camera. Now, it was one of those spur… Read more »