Hunter Lily turns six today. We call her our Illini Baby, because she was the only one of our four who wasn’t born here in St. Louis. For a short period of time we lived in Rantoul, Illinois, just outside Champaign, where Matt worked as a worship pastor at a church there. Even though that was six years ago, that time in our life was a gift. Matt met one of his best friends there, and I met some the… Read more »

Kiss your life-0133

Kiss you life. The kiss is the symbol of intimacy, hiding nothing. The second I saw this make-up bag, I knew I was going to buy it, because it’s everything I believe to be true about life and happiness. So, how about you? Are you kissing your life today? Just the way it is? Don’t let happiness pass you by. …   …   … This post is part of the #write31days challenge, 31 Days Falling in Love with the Journey. I’d love to… Read more »

Believe Dreams-2

We all love to be inspired. It gives us hope for a better future, a better life. We’re like a nest full of hatchlings with our mouths open wide — inspire me! We follow our favorite speakers, preachers, authors, and pay lots of money to attend their conferences, just to get a nugget of inspiration for our life. I bet everyone of us have an Inspiration Pinterest board. We love those who open up the endless possibilities of personal awesomeness. The… Read more »

Filling Up Bella

Gratitude has been a long and hard lesson for me. I never dreamed that I was an ungrateful person, because I gave thanks at every meal, and it’s always been easy to say ‘thank you’ when given something. Except, when the things I was given weren’t the things I wanted, then, I despised my gifts and made it very clear to everyone around me. Like I said, had you told me I was ungrateful, I would’ve been shocked at such… Read more »

grave clothes-0009

Everywhere he went, he defied science and reason. Without, hesitation he walked into a crowd and astonished the very core of everyone’s beliefs. He crushed the doctrine of religious leaders. His confidence in changing every human being he met was unwavering, except this day Jesus stood in front of his best friend’s grave, watched the wounded family weep over the death of their loved one, and with a broken and troubled heart, Jesus sobbed until his body shook. The story doesn’t make… Read more »


Sometimes you have to forget all the rules, forget all the shoulds, woulds, and coulds. Sometimes you have to forget about your problems, failures, and disappointments. Sometimes you have to let go, have fun, and laugh. Sometimes you need to play in the rain. It’s your journey, enjoy it.   …   …   … This post is part of the #write31days challenge, 31 Days Falling in Love with the Journey. I’d love to stay connected with you through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…. Read more »